The View Through the Looking Glass

The ways of men the ways of boys
The search for truth while playing with toys
Struggling against nature by struggling within
Still fighting for footing while fighting to win

The road demands courage from all those that pass
Beyond the pale beginning toward a critical mass
No mentor or map to guide your sail through these waters
While pounded by pressures from two watching daughters

It started so early this bold stiff-necked response
That now takes a path to my own renaissance
The roots run deep while branches cloud the view
To decide if the future will be one, three or two

The First Look at David

The beauty there above, the beauty that’s within
The beauty once before me and the wages of sin
Sailing out toward the unknown in such a foggy dark
I’ve been dancing for so long through this life arc

The long dance, the courting, all those loving ways
Such romance to chance upon you in my working days
The arc of the heart led by the many joys of the flesh
The many steps to start, the depth of lives to enmesh

I sing my song and strum my guitar to the engines of desire
I yearn for that feeling of the moth drawn to flames of fire
You lightened so many nights and inspired so many days
I may never learn the secret of how to simply dance away